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Increasing the resale value of your home with Solar Panel Installation

Homeowners are always trying to increase the resale value of their home in any way possible.

One of the biggest ways to accomplish this is by choosing Longhorn Solar as your Solar Panel Installers in TX. Longhorn Solar is a solar panel installation company in Texas with the most reliable staff around, providing the most affordable services.

Did you know that solar powered homes sell for on average 50% faster?

In addition to resell value, a solar research report of a recent builder shows that solar powered homes sell twice as fast as comparable homes without solar panels. Texas solar panel installation draws in those looking for homes with the guarantee of reducing monthly charges from utility companies.

Solar Energy Apartments in California Utilize Virtual Net Metering Technology - Longhorn SolarHomeowners that choose the Texas solar panel company Longhorn Solar find that their homes are off the market much quicker.

When shopping for a new home and comparing two that are identical but one has a very low electric bill due to its solar array; homeowners tend to choose the home that will end up saving them hundreds of dollars per year versus the home with a higher monthly bill that will only increase in the years to come.

Solar Panel Installation helps increase home value in Texas

According to a Berkeley Study on solar increasing your home’s market value, the research has found that homes with solar power systems sold for a premium, expressed in dollars per watt of installed PV of approximately $3.90 to $6.40 per watt.

This corresponds to an average home sales price premium of roughly $17,000 for a relatively new 3,100 watt PV system (the average size of PV systems in the Berkeley Lab dataset) comparing to an average investment that homeowners have made to install PV systems of approximately $5/watt over the period of 2001-2009.

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