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Solar Power Installation for New Home Buyers in Texas

Significantly reduce your home energy bills and increase your monthly cash flow by buying or building a new home with solar panels.

Longhorn Solar is a solar panel installation company in TX specializing in home solar power systems. By rolling the cost of your TX home solar power systems into your mortgage, solar panel installation becomes easy and affordable.

Begin your solar panel process during new home construction and watch the savings start pouring in.

Invest in a TX home with Solar Panel Installation already completed & Save Big!

Solar design centers are available to new home buyers; most large cities such as Austin & San Antonio already offer solar power installation as a standard purchase or upgrade. Home solar power systems are great for large scale communities in Texas with master plans, especially for senior citizens living on a fixed income and in need of lower electric bills.

Select the Best Home Lot for Maximum Solar Power Production in Texas

Finding a south facing lot that allows your home to soak up the sun is the best option you can choose for your new residence to utilize solar power production for years to come.

The majority of new home buyers like to choose a lot where they can have their backyard facing south, putting their solar panels on the backside of their rooftop and generating the maximum amount of solar kWh’s.

If the model home or home design center that you’re looking into doesn’t offer solar panel demo units or “solar powered savings”, contact Longhorn Solar directly and have an expert help you make a smart solar purchase for your new home.

Free Solar Panel Consulting Services for Architects, Builders & Superintendents

Longhorn Solar offers guaranteed solar power production that will allow new home owners the opportunity to live comfortably regardless of the outside temperature.

The solar experts at Longhorn Solar can help builders analyze a new home and predict what type of energy usage is needed; from here they can design a home solar power system that will offset up to 99% of the home’s energy.

Solar power installation in TX is the most effective by providing sufficient Southern rooftop space to install the proper amount of solar panels.

TX home solar power systems are only a quick, 10 minute phone call away; speak with a solar expert at Longhorn Solar today and learn everything to need to know about solar energy and its savings!


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