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Solar energy can save homeowners quite a bit of money on their electric bills with solar panel installation.

How much can solar energy save a new home owner on average?

solarpowerinformationIt all depends on how much the local electric company is charging for electricity per kWh (kilowatt hour).

A 6-kw solar power array in a location that receives 1,400 sun hours per year of sunshine will produce roughly 8,400 kWh of free solar electricity.

TX Solar Contractors Longhorn Solar offer a 25–Year Guarantee on Solar Savings

Most utility companies charge between $.09 & $.14 per kWh.

To simplify the math, let’s figure about $.10 per kWh. Multiply the cost per kWh ($.10) by 8,400 hours to find that renewable energy sources can save $840 per year on electricity by installing a home solar power system.

As the always increasing cost of electricity rises (which is roughly 6%/year) so will the customers savings.

Adding solar energy to your home only makes cents!

Solar Power Inverters and Solar Installation carry a 10–Year Warranty

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