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Power-One Aurora 96.8% Energy Efficient Solar Power Inverters

“Dual-channel MPPT tracking for multiple string orientations, low start-up voltage for more hours of solar production, high-temperature heat tolerance protects against shut downs, NEMA4-rated for maximum weather protection may cost a little bit more, but the guaranteed solar power production guarantees the highest possible solar rebate!”

Power-One Aurora Solar Power Inverters Deliver the Highest Energy Conversion Rate Possible

Looking for the best solar power inverter money can buy?  You have come to the right place. Longhorn Solar installs the highest efficiency solar power inverter on the market today.  The Power-One solar power inverter delivers the highest energy efficiency of rating of any power inverter in the solar industry and makes it possible for customers to receive the highest rebate possible in both Austin and San Antonio.  Longhorn Solar knows that customers want the best solar power inverter they can get for the lowest price possible and the Power-One inverter delivers both.

Longhorn Solar Installs Solar Power Inverters that Deliver Maximum Solar Power Conversion

The single most important way to analyze solar power inverters is to examine how many hours solar power production they will deliver and how efficient they are during conversion process from DC solar energy to AC power.

Power-One Solar Power Inverters Offer the Lowest Startup Voltages in the Solar Industry

Most solar power inverters require the solar panels to produce at least 250 to 300 volts for the power inverter has enough power to boot up in the morning and shut off in the afternoon when power production drops.   The Power-One inverters startup voltage is 140 volts, which means the power inverter start producing solar power 45 minutes earlier in the morning and produces power 45-minutes later in the afternoon.  Adding almost 2-hours of extra solar power production per day adds up to a lot of extra power over the course of a year.  On the flip side, the Power-One inverter also allows the maximum voltage possible, which enables longer strings of panels to be installed.

Power-One Solar Power Inverters Offer Dual-Channel MPPT Tracking for Multiple Array Orientations

Most power inverters are limited to a single solar power array orientation, which means all the solar panels to need to be oriented in the same exact orientation such as horizontal or portrait.   The dual-channel MPPT tracking feature allows for one solar power array to be setup facing south, while a second solar power array might be facing east or west.   This offers the maximum flexibility for solar system design.

Power-One Solar Power Inverters Offer the Highest Heat Tolerance in the Industry

Some solar power inverters will shut down power production with the outside temperature exceeds 103 degrees.  Slightly better power inverters will not shut down until the temperature hits 114 degrees.  The best and most dependable Power-One solar power inverter will continue producing power until the temperature hits 122 degrees.  It is very important for solar installation companies to consider how many days their solar power arrays will be operating under the duress of severe summertime Texas heat. Losing several hours a day of solar power production for 60 to 90 days during the Texas summertime heat is a real consideration that needs to be addressed.

Longhorn Solar Right-Sizes Its Solar Power Inverters to Handle the Zero Loss Solar Panel Over-Power Production

Longhorn Solar installs only leading edge solar panels that typically deliver 3% to 5% more power production that their name plate rating.   When solar panels over deliver so much power, it is important to over engineer the solar power array with a solar power inverter that is designed to handle the extra solar power production.

Most solar power inverters are engineered to handle 125% of a solar power array’s specified output. As a result, most solar installation companies engineer their solar system’s with a power inverter that is rated at only 80% of the system’s total solar power production output.

On cools days with strong sunshine, a solar system will be producing at a maximum capacity, only to be choked by the power inverter because is was not designed to handle the electric overload being placed on its coils, similar to putting a kink in a water hose and then turning water pressure wide open. Over time the hose, or inverter in this case, will burst under the extra strain of extra solar power being produced. This is why power inverters only come with a 10-year warranty.

A solar installation company that is experienced and understand electrical engineering will over engineer the solar power inverter to handle solar power production at 150% of the solar arrays power production. This is more expensive, but makes the power inverter last as long as the solar power array without failing and is the better option for customers that purchase the solar system versus letter the solar lease company worry about the warranty.

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