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CPS Solar Home Loan for Solar Power Installations

San Antonio Credit Union Solar Home Loans allow CPS Customers Low Cost Financing for Solar Installations

San Antonio Credit Union (SACU) is proud to support the environmental health of San Antonio by providing low cost loans for CPS customers that want to go solar. By providing low cost solar loans, SACU and CPS are committed to improving their local community one rooftop at a time.

The SACU solar home loan program is one of the first Solar Home Improvement Loan program in Texas and should make it possible for many CPS customer in San Antonio to Go Solar! and reduce their home’s carbon footprint as well as save money on their monthly electric bills.

What is a Solar Home Loan & How do I apply for it?

The SACU low-cost solar home loan is designed to finance the installation of solar energy improvements on your home, including solar arrays, solar thermal hot water heaters or other improvements made possilbe by the monthly cost savings on their electric bill.


  • Loan term up to 30 years.
  • Loan amount up to $80,000
  • To check current rates, visit
  • CPS Energy rebates can be applied, subject to CPS Energy

Call (210) 258-1785 and a Loan Advisor from SACU will help you do your part to improve our environment through solar power.

Limited Time Offer. Please Apply as soon as possible!

How Much Does a Solar Home Loan Cost?

A typical residential solar system is 5 kilowatts and currently costs about $5.50 per installed watt. This translates into approximately $27,500 for the average installed system, although this is an estimate and the true cost will vary based
upon house size, age and energy needs.

CPS Energy will rebate about 40% of the total cost, and a federal tax credit of 30% is applied to the remaining balance. If the consumer applies both the rebate and the tax credit, payments could be less than $100 per month. Solar energy systems potentially increase the property’s long-term value while significantly reducing the owner’s monthly utility bill by using the natural energy of the sun. It’s never been a better time to take advantage of this affordable, renewable power source.

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These models are only examples. Actual prices will vary based on whether an
upgrade of service is required to add solar, the solar equipment ordered,
the difficulty of installation, the site, and other variables.