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Rolling the cost of Solar into Green Mortgages
for New Home Buyers

How Much Does It Cost to Roll Solar into a Green Home Mortgage?

Rolling the cost of a solar system into a new home mortgage is an extremely affordable way for homeowners to go solar.  Green Home Builders are now building homes that are very energy efficient. This means that a small to medium-sized solar system can usually offset a very large portion of the home energy bills.

Estimated Cost Breakdown for a 5-kW Solar Power Array

These prices are estimates and do not include local utility solar rebates.

5-kW Solar System Price $18,750
Home Builder Solar Rebate -$1,250
Longhorn Solar Rebate -$5,000
Net System Cost $12,500
Federal 30% Tax Credit -$3,750
Final System Cost $8,750
Solar kWh Electricity/Year $7,000
Average Price of Electricity $0.10
Estimated Savings per Year $700
Monthly Cost for Solar/30 yrs $24*
Monthly Savings from Solar $58
Extra Monthly Cashflow $34

* Does not include interest. This deal is based on Longhorn Solar’s solar rebate incentive of $1.00 per DC watt.  Longhorn Solar changes their rebate from time to time and this price is subject to change without notice in the event that the solar rebate price changes.