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Longhorn Solar’s $1 Solar Rebate Incentive
for Bluebonnet Cooperative Members

Live in the Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative* (BBEC) service area and want to install a solar power array to reduce your electricity bill?  Unfortunately, Bluebonnet does not offer a solar rebate incentive program, but the good news is that Longhorn Solar is now offering a $1 per watt solar rebate incentive for solar power systems up to 10-kW for Bluebonnet members that live in the Bluebonnet service area!

Members who live in smaller towns can put together a petition and have their town added to this list. Please call Robert Hoskins at (512) 837-4800 for more information.

Longhorn Solar Needs Local Sales Reps in Every Town in Bluebonnet Territory

Longhorn Solar strongly encourages solar customer referrals. When anyone refers their friends, family and neighbors to Longhorn Solar and that business lead results in a signed solar contract, the referrer will earn a $0.05 per-watt ($50 per kilowatt) sales commission. That means if a customer referral results in a signed contract for average-sized, 6,000-watt solar power array, the referring party would receive a sales commission of $300.

Click here for more information on Local Solar Town Hall Meetings for Solar Education

Local sales representatives can work with local town officials to set up a Solar Town Hall Meeting.  Longhorn Solar will provide subject matter experts that will give short tutorial presentations on:

  1. Energy Efficiency (reducing energy consumption)
  2. Solar Hot Water Heaters (producing free hot water)
  3. Solar Power (producing free solar electricity)
  4. Question & Answer Session

The purpose of the event is educate residents on how solar power works and how to make a smart purchase decision and is usually hosted by the town Mayor or a City Council Member who is in charge of their town’s Green or Renewable Energy Committee.  The local sales representative sets up a booth at this event and collects signatures from folks that would like to get a solar quote on their homes and Longhorn Solar does the rest.

Longhorn Solar only allows one sales rep per city so call to reserve your sales territory. Longhorn Solar will provide training to solar sales reps to help them identify ideal solar rooftops and help peak interest from residents that want to go solar.  Call 602-326-0940 for more information.

*BBEC does not endorse Longhorn’s Solar Rebate program and Longhorn Solar is not affiliated with BBEC. Longhorn Solar is simply offering its own solar rebate to help make it more affordable for BBEC members to go solar.  A small rebate is better than no solar rebate at all.

Longhorn Solar Deal of the Month* for BBEC Cooperative Members

Deal of the Month from Longhorn Solar

*This deal is based on Longhorn Solar’s solar rebate incentive of $1.00 per DC watt.  Longhorn Solar changes their rebate from time to time and this price is subject to change without notice in the event that the solar rebate price changes.