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Longhorn is a Certified Solar Installer

Ambit Energy

Looking to help the environment without much effort at all?  By installing solar paneling from Longhorn Solar you will be protecting the environment for you and future generations to come.

The solar panel installation process is simple and requires little to no maintenance.  The panels from Longhorn Solar generate clean, reliable solar electricity directly from the sun while eliminating noise and pollution from the process.

Longhorn Solar is taking initiative to not only help Texas go green, but specifically help the city of Plano migrate away from coal to solar.  By pairing with Oncor, and linking with a local provider such as Ambit energy, companies and residents in Plano TX interested in solar power can qualify for rebates, as well as a 30% Federal Tax Credit, saving them up to 67% on the cost of installation.

Longhorn Solar is your go to company for all your Texas renewable energy solutions.  With professional installation done in a timely fashion and at an affordable cost, lets Longhorn Solar help you save our planet one solar panel at a time.