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Apple Looking to Utilize Solar Power for the iWatch

As technology becomes more and more advanced, top producing companies are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve upon their devices. Often times, this means finding new ways to jam pack one particular device with enough functions to eliminate the need for any other device. The only problem with this is the fact that as our devices gain more capabilities, more processing is required; do our batteries have enough juice to power it all? Probably not – but Apple believes that they have a solution.Apple Looking to Utilize Solar Power for the iWatch

According to reports from the New York Times, Apple is currently searching for ways to power its rumored iWatch using solar energy. This isn’t the first time that the company has conducted research on the use of solar energy to power its devices however. Years ago, Apple had tried to build a smarter, solar charging battery for its iPods and iPhones but was unsuccessful. One of the main roadblocks was the fact that more often than not, devices such as these are stored in pockets and handbags or used indoors, making them virtually untouched by the sun’s rays. A wristwatch however, would be perfect for catching solar energy on an everyday walk outdoors.

It’s expected that the iWatch will have a curved glass screen with the possibility of a solar-charging layer being added to the screen’s surface, which would allow the device to recharge in the sunlight.

According to the article however, the technology for this type of battery is still years from implementation. Regardless, we find the fact that experimentation being conducted on using solar energy as a battery life source with increased vigor is a positive sign for things to come in the near future for companies like Apple and many more.