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Austin Energy – Austin, TX

Longhorn Solar: Austin Energy has one of the very best Solar PV Rebates in Texas!

The Austin Energy Solar PV Rebate for residential and commercial customers is extremely generous.  Austin Energy is currently (as of 5/20/2016) offering a residential rebate of $.80/w AC, with a rebate cap per residential customer of up to $9,600!

The current rebate level of $.80/watt(AC) is only projected to last 20-30 more days before the rebate steps down to the next incentive level of $.70/watt(AC), or a max rebate of up to $8400.


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7.5 Rooftop BLK Standing Seam

Save Money and Protect the Environment with a Longhorn Solar PV System

To date, Longhorn Solar has helped both residential and commercial customers realize over $2.4M in avoided utility spending by going solar!  The average residential customer in Austin, TX is cutting their Austin Energy bill by over $1,150 each year.

Not only are we saving our customers money but, as we mentioned earlier, we are contributing towards a better environment which is pivotal for the future well being of, well, everyone.

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This page was last updated on 5/20/2016