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Cirro Energy

The most cost-effective way to save money on electric bills is to install solar panels in Texas from Longhorn Solar. Installing enough solar to offset the amount of electricity used by air conditioners during the summer and electric heaters during the winter is the easiest way to lower costs and reduce environmental footprints. Longhorn Solar is the leading company for solar panel installation. Home inspection, assessment and placement come with a free quote by our technicians. Cirro Energy combined with the Texas solar power for homes by Longhorn Solar creates a winning solution for home energy efficiency.

Cirro Energy provides to over 100,000 homes and businesses across Texas. Their aim is to provide customers with smart money-saving plans, online and mobile account management, convenient payment options, local customer service, plus some of the lowest fixed rates available. Cirro allows online account management as well as homer service programs like 24 hour protection on emergency and everyday repairs. Compare rates with Cirro on their website to see the difference in how much money can be saved.

In order to reduce costs of running electricity to a home or business consider using solar panels installed by Longhorn Solar and choosing Cirro Energy as your utility company. Reduce carbon emissions and affect the surrounding environment for a better future by making a switch today. The switch is easy and only a phone call away!