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Longhorn Solar: An Experienced and Reputable Solar Panel Installation Company in Texas working with Denton Electric

If you’re a customer of Denton Electric, a retail energy provider of Oncor, and have been considering renewable energies for your TX home, we have great news for you.

Longhorn Solar is now working with Denton Electric’s customers and fulfilling their solar panel installation needs.

We’ve saved our satisfied customers thousands on energy costs and are excited to watch that number continue to grow.

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Renewable Energy Solutions Brought to you by Longhorn Solar & Denton Electric

At Longhorn Solar, we take pride in being able to have such a positive impact on the perseverance of our environment and passing that sense of well doing along to our clients.

Whether you’ve thought about making the switch in the past or are just now exploring the benefits of renewable energies, a Longhorn Solar representative is willing to guide you in the right direction.

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