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Direct Energy Rates

With renewable sources of energy getting more popular and widely accepted in today’s society, we want you to follow trend not to just to save the earth, but to save yourself money as well.  Here at Longhorn Solar, we have been providing solar power for homes in central Texas for many years.  All of our clients are very satisfied with what we have to offer them as it will help cut back on energy use, and help cut back on the electricity bill as well.

When you have our solar panels installed in your home you will rely on them during the day for electricity and then and night when very little electricity is needed you can use the Direct Energy utility company to balance out the rest.  This combination will save you countless amounts of money over time.  Renewable sources of energy are what we all need to start adhering to, and our installations are going to save you money overall.

People are stuck in a mindset of an old way to get electricity, but we need people to understand how much better solar power is.  The people throughout Texas have seen how we can benefit them as an energy efficient company.  Take the next step forward for the future and start making a difference.  One call to us and you can be on your way to helping the earth, and smaller monthly bills.