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Dynowatt Electric

Longhorn Solar is paving the way to a brighter future with our solar panel installations for your home and business.  By choosing solar energy you are personally reducing emissions that contribute to global warming and poor air quality.  Longhorn Solar provides solar installation services to Dallas TX and the surrounding Texas areas.   By pairing with utility companies such as Dynowatt Electric we are able to bring you solar electricity at an affordable price.

Solar energy is a positive and lucrative alternative to your current electricity provided by utilities such as Dynowatt Electric.  At Longhorn Solar we use the most energy efficient solar power inverters, as well as the most durable solar racking all at the lowest cost possible.  With the installation of solar panels you are also avoiding the ever changing prices and politics affiliated with having to pay a monthly bill to your electric company.  Installing a solar energy system for your home will ensure that you and your family have energy for the next 25+ years.

With our renewable energy solutions in TX, Longhorn Solar will provide you with exceptional service to make your home or office environmentally and economically friendly.  We offer a free home or business evaluation in order to provide insight on how much money can actually be saved with solar power and what it would cost to get you there.  During the Texas summertime heat, creating electricity through solar power is the most cost and energy efficient way to live.

Let’s keep our great state of Texas as healthy as can be by investing in Solar Energy, provided by the most reliable solar panel installers of Texas, Longhorn Solar.