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Five Common Myths About Solar Power

Solar installerAs a whole, people are pretty resistant to change. Even when the benefits are abundantly clear, as they are with solar energy, some folks will go out of their way to find fault in something that should be the obvious choice. The fossil fuel industry isn’t helping much, as they use huge sums of cash to influence public opinion and maintain their stranglehold on the energy industry.


All this leads to a whole bunch of misinformation about renewable energy, with solar power being perhaps the least understood of all. Here are a few common myths that we can happily and assuredly debunk.


It’s a Bad Investment

While the environmental benefits of solar energy are clear, we’re not foolish enough to think that’s enough to convince cash-strapped homeowners. We understand that solar power needs to make financial sense in order to be successful. The good news is that many times it is. Solar panel installation might carry a high up-front cost, but it will turn into a sound long-term financial investment. Plus, many local and state governments offer strong incentives for homeowners to make the switch.


It Destroys Roofs

Opponents of solar energy offer horror stories about beautiful roofs being immediately destroyed. Most likely, these stories are a result of an installer who has no idea what they’re doing. If your car was falling apart, would you blame it on gasoline, or would you find someone who could build a better car? When installed properly, solar panels are an additional layer that could actually protect your roof from outside elements.


Cloudy Days Mean Power Outages

This myth comes from a very simple misunderstanding of the way solar power works. The fact is, solar energy is constantly hitting the Earth even if the Sun isn’t beaming in full force. Otherwise we would all freeze to death. Cool, cloudy climates (and days) have a minimal negative effect on the collection of solar power.


They Require a Genius

Other than checking to make sure your panels are clear of debris, there’s not much you need to do when it comes to maintaining a system. The experts at Longhorn Solar are always available for a service call, and high-tech software can be used to monitor and evaluate the efficiency of your panels. Trust us, solar panels are much easier to manage than other types of engines you’ve been using for years.


Technology is Primitive

Many homeowners claim they are eager to switch to solar, but that “the technology just isn’t there yet”. Sure, that’s what the big energy companies want you to think. Actually, people all over the world are experiencing the benefits of solar energy right now, as the technology has been up to speed for quite some time. There’s no better time than now.


If you’re interested in debunking the solar power myths yourself, give Longhorn Solar a call today.