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Full Speed Ahead for Solar Power in the Auto Industry

Solar power is making its way into every corner of the technological world from iPhones to… cars? At this year’s Consumer Electronics Car Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ford Motors is set to debut its prototype for a solar powered canopy that fuels its automobiles. However, solar power isn’t just hitting the brake there; the innovations in the automobile industry are plentiful. In fact, here are a few more solar power innovations that are making a name for themselves in the automobile world.

Ford isn’t the only automaker who is shifting the solar power to run their vehicles; more and more car manufacturers are joining the shift to solar power usage, which will allow companies such as SunPower and SolarCity to benefit greatly from the transition to alternative fuel. For example, Ford’s solar-powered hybrid vehicle uses 300 watts of SunPower’s solar cells to charge the battery. In addition to the solar panels, this allows the car to travel about 21 miles on solar power before needing the gas engine!

Tesla Motors is another automaker speeding ahead in terms of solar power technology. Their construction of supercharger stations will allow Model S drivers to drive until the end of time on sunlight, for free! These stations run on electricity through specialty SolarCity panels. These stations are expected to cover 80 percent of the U.S population as well as divisions of Canada by early 2015.

The shift to solar-powered vehicles is not only cost efficient and good for the environment, it also opens up doors for collaborations that create revenue for both parties. Solar technology opens the doors for a bright and positive future with endless opportunities down the road!

(Source: Daily Finance)