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Longhorn is a Certified Solar Installer

GVEC (Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative)

Longhorn Solar is a leading provider of solar power for home in Gonzales, Texas. We are a full-service, licensed solar contracting company that specializes in solar panel installation. We have a trained, experienced team, and we provide a ten-year warranty on all installations.

Why invest in solar power? Solar energy not only offers you and your family a dependable, renewable energy system, but it’s also good for the environment and helps protect you from rising electricity prices. We also work with utility companies like GVEC to lower your monthly bills. GVEC offers energy-efficient rebates, which make investing in solar power for your home affordable, so you can save both energy and money. GVEC solar-rebate incentives are available to residents of Cibolo, Gonzales, Schertz, and Senguin.

Using the GVEC rebates enables solar-power installation to pay for itself in as few as two years. Over the past five years, we’ve installed solar panels on hundreds of residential homes and commercial properties. We’ve helped people save money through our renewable energy systems.

We make going solar simple: you can sign up for a free quote for your home. We will review your home and discuss with you all of your options. If you decide to invest in solar power, we can install your panels and get you started on the path to a greener home and of course, saving money.

If you have any questions on our services or solar energy in general, you can visit our FAQ page, check out our blog, or gives us a call at (512) 837-4800 to speak directly to one of our team members.