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Just Energy

Solar power is now cheaper than coal-burning electricity. Just Energy combined with Longhorn Solar’s renewable energy solutions makes for affordable energy options and green living. Longhorn is one of the leading central Texas solar power companies. Cut down on energy costs during the day, and at night Just Energy will provide a cost-effective sustainable option. Avoid high utility bills in peak summer time hours and heat.

Just Energy delivers extensive experience and expertise. They employ over 1,200 people and have 500 dedicated customer service representatives, and the infrastructure necessary to provide unparalleled service. Simple green products offered through Just Energy will lower environmental footprints creating a cleaner, greener world. Their wholesale buying power and strong supplier relations ensures they’re able to offer competitive programs at aggressive rates. Since 1997, they’ve grown to include 1.8 million customers across the continent with convenient solutions for customers to eliminate negative effects on their surrounding environment.

The partnership of Longhorn Solar and Just Energy leads to an eco-friendly choice for lowering utility bills and impacting the surrounding area. Make a difference now to impact the future by switching to solar power to provide electricity to a home or business. Call Longhorn Solar today or fill out our easy contact form for a free quote.