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Kinetic Energy

The benefits of solar electricity are becoming increasingly popular with residential and business owners.  By choosing Longhorn Solar for your solar needs you are not only saving the environment, but also saving yourself money.  There are few investments that provide such a substantial and consistent return as going solar.

Having home solar power in Texas is an advantage in of itself, as TX has some of the leading solar energy rebates in the country.  Kinetic Energy is a utility company that pairs with Longhorn Solar to provide customers with great discounts and rebates for you or your company.  It has been shown that by combining these rebates your solar paneling will practically pay for itself.  A business that installs solar paneling from Longhorn Solar typically receives 60-80% of their investments back within 90 days of installation.

Another plus to installing solar paneling at your home or office is if you happen to generate more solar electricity than your home or business uses during the day, their electric meter actually runs backwards and a utility company such as Kinetic Energy gives you credit for the extra solar electricity produced.

For all of your Texas solar panel installation needs please contact Longhorn Solar!  Solar energy is great for Texas and our future!