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Residential Solar Panel Installation in Texas

Solar Panel Installation for Renewable Energies in TexasThere are many factors to consider when building your new home, or trying to cut back on costs within your current home.

Residential solar installation in your home is offered by Longhorn Solar to help save the growing costs of energy rates, which averages a 6% increase each year.

Residential solar installation services are available in Austin, San Antonio and in many other areas in Texas to residents of various utility companies; go solar today and don’t get stuck with the rising costs of energy.

Solar panel installation not only lowers the cost of living, but reduces our reliance on foreign resources.

The United States currently imports an increasing percentage of its primary energy needs; by going solar we can all help to make our country more energy independent.

No noise or pollution, just clean & reliable electricity with solar panel installation

The process of residential solar panel installation in your Texas home is simple.

Begin with our quick and easy free solar quote form. From there we will come out and review your property for energy usage, system requirements and the best possible placement for you panels. The last step is solar panel installation which can usually be completed within one week.

This will comprise of the actual solar panels, a solar racking system to hold the panels on your roof, electrical wiring and a solar DC/AC power inverter.

The solar panel installation begins with our energy installers mounting the panels on your roof and wiring everything together. During the daylight hours, DC solar electricity will be generated sending power to the inverter; in this step, power is converted to AC power and flows into your home for use.

The result; your very own private solar power plant generating free, clean energy for you and your family.

Residential Solar Installation Services in Austin, San Antonio and all over Texas

There’s only one thing better than saving money on your electricity bills, and that’s the utility company paying you for generating energy.

Residential solar installation in your Austin or San Antonio homes can result in your local provider crediting you for unused energy.

Austin TX Solar Panel InstallationEach month your utility company monitors how much power you use; generate more electricity than needed and your system will send the extra power to them and they will credit you for the unused power.

If your energy usage is higher than generated, you’ll then draw power from the utility company as normal.

Your monthly bill will be based on overall electricity consumption that factors in your solar production, this is call ‘net metering’.

Cost of Residential Solar Installation in and around Austin TX for up to 66% off!

When researching the cost of residential solar panel installation, rebates and credits play a major role in making a decision.

Rebates from your city and utility company combined with a federal tax credit of 30% make solar panel installation even more affordable.

Longhorn Solar energy installers, along with your local utility company make residential solar panel installation more affordable than ever.


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