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Solar Energy Holds All The Answers

As the efficiency of solar power improves, more companies and homeowners are opting for solar panels during home renovations and improvements. The United States and France have both reported major increases in solar power generation, meaning… it is catching on.

So, the question at hand is, “will solar energy change our lives- for the better?” The answer is an obvious yes. Harnessing the power of the sun a true testament to how intelligent the human race actually is. We look up to the sun, and as George Carlin so tactfully put it, “I believe in the sun, because I can see it- and it has never let me down”.

Mr. Carlin’s quip about the sun being divine and superior was not entirely comedic though- he had a point. The sun provides us with the nutrients and light we need to survive, and it has never failed to do so. So, logically, we can determine that we are heading in the right direction.

The Inquisitr recently interviewed with Bill Heid, an expert in solar energy. Heid worked with Xantrex to harness solar energy for backup power. Prior to the interview, the Inquisitr mentions that Heid believes that solar energy offers us freedom from the power grids we know today. He is not wrong; look at some of the reports after Hurricane Sandy. It took National Grid almost 12 days to restore power in Manhattan, leaving thousands without power or heat.

When asked about the fiscal benefits, Heid stated that these solar panels are not intended to be a financial investment. However, he went on to explain that sometimes you do receive a nice return on your initial monetary venture.

As a primary power source, they offer the advantages of no fuel purchase, no fuel storage, no operational noise, no exhaust fumes, are not subject to utility distribution system failures or brownouts, and are very low maintenance requirements. Grid-tie solar systems that allow excess electrical production to be sold back to the utility company can; however, provide a significant financial return on investment

Bill Heid makes a valid point, and many companies get that. Check out this infographic from, depicting the top 10 U.S. companies, which harness solar energy.