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Energy Efficiency in Texas Starts with You; Solar Energy Incentives Start Here

Solar electricity is more affordable now than it has ever been in Texas.

Many utility companies, including Austin Energy, CPS, and GVEC, offer rebates based on the amount of electricity your solar array produces.

Some utilities even give money back if your household uses less than your array produces.

In any case — the thought of your meter spinning backwards is pretty enticing.

Longhorn Solar takes care of all rebate paperwork at no additional charge, and will even apply for you to see if you’re qualified. For specific information on rebates in your area, visit Dsire.

The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit is a Federal program that offers a 30% tax incentive on all solar electric pv systems that are installed before the end of year 2016.

You’ll need to speak with your accountant to ensure the credit is declared properly as we are solar installers – not accountants – but with an additional 30% off of your installed price, your solar electric system will pay for itself in a few years – instead of a few decades.

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