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Solar Water Heating Can Save You Money

If you’ve always wanted the benefits of taking long hot showers without feeling like you were taxing the planet or your pocket, consider installing a solar water heating system. There are numerous benefits to this sun-powered heating system that can leave you – and the planet – feeling great!

The process of solar water heating begins when cold water is pumped from a tank through solar collectors in a solar panel. When the sun strikes the solar collectors, the water is heated and then carried from the solar collectors to a heated storage tank. To save heated water, some units have an automatic shut-off valve that closes when the sun goes down.

As more hot water is needed, an auxiliary system sends water through the pipes. It is through this complex system of valves and pipes that solar heated water can be stored and tapped when necessary. The larger the storage tank, the more hot water can be stored.

For those who live in relatively overcast areas that get moderate sunshine to heat the water, a larger storage unit will be helpful because it can retain more solar heated water for use.

Heating your water with Solar

So, why should people consider installing a solar water heating system for use in their homes or businesses? Because the sun’s energy is free and by tapping this natural resource, users can reduce hot water consumption from 50 to 90 percent depending on how much sun they get. It works out to a savings of 90 percent less gas or electricity that needs to be produced.

And while it’s nice and good to save there, it’s really nice to save in the wallet area, too. By reducing energy usage, users can plan to save money on energy bills. That savings is realized right away and continues to save year after year. Savings will be even greater with the way our energy costs continue to rise.

Users of solar heated water systems can rest assured that they are doing something great for the environment. Those who use these types of systems can cut greenhouse gas emissions up to 4 tons, as compared to a conventional electric water heating unit. This is equivalent of taking a small car off the road; it’s something to be proud of today, as well as for future generations. A smaller carbon footprint today is better for tomorrow.