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Referrals are the highest compliment that you could give us and we appreciate any that you may send our way. We will always treat them with respect and give them the same high quality customer service that we served you with.

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Solar Parties

Would you like to host a solar party?  We will provide the food and drinks with a short presentation if you will provide the audience. Solar Parties are a great way to get together with friends, relatives, and neighbors to get the best discounts that we offer through group purchases.

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The program is pretty simple. If 3 or more purchase a system within 45 days of the party then they will receive $.05/watt discount (average size system 6000 watts X $.05/watt = $300). If for some reason a group purchase goal is not met then the $200  referral bonus would still apply to any who purchase as well as for you, the host.


Solar Neighborhood


Solar Neighborhoods:

Yes, this is a real thing! Right now there is only one neighborhood in Texas that I would consider a solar neighborhood and that is the Mueller neighborhood in central Austin.

This neighborhood has solar panels on over 40% of the homes! We have some neighborhoods in Texas that have 10-25% but none even close to the scale of Mueller. Longhorn Solar is proud to have been a part of the Mueller Megawatt Project that made it all happen.

The Mueller Megawatt Project started with two homeowners deciding that they wanted to expand solar in their neighborhood. Two homeowners…that is all it took to start the ball rolling.

Want to know more? Longhorn Solar helped make it happen. We can help turn your neighborhood into a solar neighborhood and, who knows, maybe even give Mueller a run for their money!

Thanks again for your support. Longhorn Solar is a local, family-owned, Christian company that supports over 45 workers in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Your willingness to do business with us allows our staff to work in a field we all love, while supporting our families.