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Tara Energy

A smart way to power your home or office is with one of our planets most abundant recourses – solar energy.  At Longhorn Solar we focus on home energy installations in Houston Texas and the surrounding areas.  By pairing with utility companies such as Tara Energy it allows us to provide you with solar electricity at an affordable cost and with no harm to the environment.

Installing solar paneling to your home or office will allow you to protect the environment for you and future generations to come.  Solar panels will absorb the suns radiation and conduct it into energy, eliminating the harmful smoke and chemical by-product omitted typically by oil and coal plants.  Solar power from Longhorn Solar will reduce the mining of raw materials which will cut back on the destruction of our forests and eco-system.

Another main benefit to installing solar panels is it is very cost effective.  Longhorn Solar offers fair pricing as well as rebates by the government.  A 30% Federal tax credit is offered, in some cases allowing you to purchase a solar energy system for your home at up to 66% off the total price of the solar system.  Need more convincing?  How about when your solar system generates more electricity than your home or business requires, energy providers such as Tara Energy will actually credit you for the extra solar power you created.

For a solar power company in Houston TX and surrounding areas call Longhorn Solar, the leading company for all of your renewable energy solutions.  Installation is completed by a team of professionals at an affordable price.  Please contact Longhorn Solar at 512-837-4800 for your free solar estimate today!