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Longhorn is a Certified Solar Installer

Texas Power

Keeping our environment green and clean has never been easier; with home and business solar panel installation from Longhorn Solar we can help you produce clean, solar electricity at an affordable price. With solar panels you will still need a local utility company such as Texas Power but not to worry; generate more energy than your home requires and they’ll end up owing you!

By choosing solar energy you are personally reducing emissions that contribute to global warming and poor air quality.  Shying away from our dependence on the big oil companies and focusing on utilizing the suns energy with solar panels will also help us to avoid damaging oil spills that pollute our oceans, lakes, and rivers.

At Longhorn Solar we use the most energy efficient solar power inverters, as well as the most durable solar racking; all at the lowest cost possible.  With the installation of solar panels you are also avoiding the ever changing prices and politics affiliated with electric companies such as Texas Power; they may be your electric company, but any possible fluctuations in pricing wouldn’t necessarily affect you.  Installing a solar energy system for your home will ensure that you and your family have renewable energy for the next 25+ years.

Longhorn Solar will team up with your local utility provider such as Texas Power to bring energy efficient housing throughout Texas.  With so many satisfied customers from Longhorn Solar we do a tremendous amount of referral business.  Serving most areas in TX including solar power homes in Arlington, we are confident you will be just as pleased with our work as our previous customers.