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Watch the Savings Roll in While your Carbon Footprint Disappears!

Longhorn SolarIn today’s tough economy, people all across the world are constantly searching for new ways to save. Instead of giving up something that you love, like your monthly massage appointment perhaps, why not work towards making some adjustments, all while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time? By making the switch to solar paneling, you could do just that!

Photovotaic, or PV solar panels are not only environmentally sound, but can greatly reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill. Do we have your attention now? We thought so. Making the choice to add solar panels to the roof of you home will allow you the opportunity to harvest your own energy from the sun, instead of depending on electricity to power your beloved appliances. DC solar energy will be generated through the panels during daylight hours and then sent to the power inverter, which is where it will be converted into AC power before flowing into the home for your use.

PV solar panels are great because they require little or no maintenance. It takes very few parts to install it and once it’s up on the roof, it makes no noise and produces no pollution. One concern that people tend to have however is that they may need to use more power than their solar panel generates. This is where we stress that a solar panel can reduce your electricity bill – not always eliminating it all together. Your electricity bill will overall be based on your level of electricity consumption. Installation of a PV solar panel will however contribute to the significant difference you notice in your bill.

Everyone has questions when it comes to solar panels and how they work – we’d be shocked if you didn’t! As a company dedicated to helping others realize the power and benefits of solar energy however, the Longhorn Solar team is here to guide you through the transition and provide you with the answers you need to get the ball rolling. Call us today and take the first step!