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One of the smartest ways to power your home or office is with one of our greatest and most abundant resources – solar energy.   At Longhorn Solar we focus on renewable energy solutions in the Texas area.   By installing solar panels you are not only saving yourself money, but saving the environment as well. The resources we need to supply energy the way we have in the past are becoming scarce.  As a source for solar power installation in Houston, it’s obvious that Longhorn Solar cares about the environment and our community.

Longhorn Solar works with utility companies such as YEP in hopes to save the community money by switching to solar power.  Solar panel installation by Longhorn Solar and YEP’s rebate incentives can be combined with a 30% Federal tax credit allowing you to purchase a solar energy system for your home at up to 66% off the total price of the solar system; what more of an incentive do you need?  Company owners can save too; commercial rooftop paneling can save your business over $100,000 in electric bills!  Going solar can help protect you from the steadily rising energy hikes which usually increase by roughly 6% a year.  When your solar systems generate more electricity than your home or business requires, energy providers such as YEP will actually credit you for the extra solar power you created.

With our renewable energy solutions in TX, Longhorn Solar will provide you with exceptional service to make your home or office environmentally and economically friendly.  We offer a free home or business evaluation in order to provide insight on how much money can actually be saved with solar power and what it would cost to get you there.  During the Texas summertime heat, creating electricity through solar power is the most cost and energy efficient way to live.

Let’s keep our great state of Texas as healthy as it can be by investing in Solar Energy, provided by the most reliable solar panel installers of Texas, Longhorn Solar.