Battery Backup - Longhorn Solar
Longhorn Solar provides energy generator for backup power solutions that are ideal for emergency, standby and auxiliary prime power in TX.
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Battery Backup

Anything can cause your power to go out.

Thunderstorms.  Car accidents.  Road construction.  It happens all the time.

When it does, the best strategy is to already have a plan in place.


A Better Battery From LG

Introducing the RESU10h. 

Whether it’s for your home or business, an LG RESU10h backup battery will keep your power on during an outage.  A backup battery ensures near seamless power when the grid experiences an interruption.  It switches on automatically – whether you’re there or not.  And it all happens within seconds of losing power.

LG RESU1oh provides up to 9.8kW of power.   These compact and lightweight batteries can easily be combined with up to two more units via the RESU Plus Expansion kit to satisfy higher usage requirements. Scale your power as your power needs grow.  Longhorn Solar and LG have the solutions for you.  

With remote monitoring capabilities, you can view and manage your battery’s status from anywhere, at any time. 

It’s only an emergency when you’re not prepared.

Life’s Good without interruptions.

With a backup battery, a power outage is something you only read about.  When the power goes out, you don’t have to do anything.  Your battery will take over, and you can get back to business as usual.

Check out this video to learn all the benefits.

Whether you’re looking at solar for the first time or have an existing system, or maybe you want a standalone battery backup without solar, we can help.  Our team of trained Account Managers are here to answer all your battery backup questions.