FAQ: Solar Backup Batteries

Solar consumers frequently ask, “Will my solar panels work during a power outage?” But, what they really want to know is if solar will keep their lights on even when the power is down. And, unfortunately, the answer is no — solar alone will not shield your home from experiencing power outages, but a solar backup battery will.     What is a Solar Backup Battery? Solar backup batteries, like the QHome Core or the Tesla Powerwall pair with your solar panels to store the excess energy your system produces for later use. Rather than going back into the grid, your surplus energy is [...]

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The Zero-Energy Movement in Texas and Beyond

The zero-energy, or net-zero, project has been changing the way people build residential and commercial properties for years. Designers, developers, builders, and buyers have been collaborating on shifting the real estate market to buildings with zero energy consumption. Generally, zero-energy buildings (ZEB) rely on renewables as their primary energy source, paired with high-efficiency features like windows and insulation, to maximize their energy consumption.  Texas Zero-Energy Movement   Texas, a leading solar state, is no stranger to renewables. You may even remember in 2015 when Georgetown, Texas aimed to power itself with 100% renewables. Unfortunately, the small city’s ambitions were not totally realized. Nevertheless, the attempt [...]

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4 Reasons Why Texas is a Top Solar State

Texas is number one in a lot of things, like barbecue, rodeos, and friendliness. But Texas is also one of the nation’s top solar states, meaning there’re many homes in Texas producing a lot of clean energy. Precisely, 1,957,307 Texas homes were producing 17,247 megawatts of power in 2022. And, while Texas isn’t number one in solar, it is number two and poised to cinch the spot of leading the nation in solar. If you're deciding to go solar in Texas, here's what to know:  Number of Sunny Days in Texas Texas is known for its sun; we get a lot of it. [...]

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Take Control of Texas Power Outages with Batteries

Solar consumers enjoy many benefits from their solar system, including lowering their monthly electricity bills by generating their own power. You might even have a negative energy bill if you produce more energy than you consume. But sometimes you can’t always use or produce energy. Blackouts affect solar consumers with grid-tied systems like everyone else. Whether it be out from a storm or for maintenance, grid-tied systems go down with the grid. However, there is a way to keep the lights and internet on while everyone else is in the disconnected dark: batteries. Seasonal Texas Power Outages Extreme winter and summer [...]

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What Does Energy Independence Mean?

You’ve probably heard this concept tossed around on the news or pasted on headlines, but what does energy independence really mean? And why should you care about it? There are numerous benefits to being energy independent, some less obvious than others. Let’s break down what it is and what it means for you. National Energy Independence On a national scale, energy independence means that a country can create all the energy it needs to power homes, cars, businesses, etc., and does not rely on buying energy from foreign countries. Because the United States consumes more petroleum than it produces, it [...]

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Solar Communities: Bringing Solar to the People

Solar communities are the next big thing in solar. For people who live in apartment complexes or otherwise cannot install panels on their roof, building a solar community or joining one is a great option. What’s more, many local energy companies provide resources for communities looking to go solar. What Are Solar Communities? A solar community consists of a shared solar power plant that powers many homes within the area. This set-up allows many interested community members to access a clean and affordable energy source with less initial costs and no need for a system installed on their home. There are [...]

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10 Ways to Save with Solar Energy

1. Save on Utilities It's no secret that installing solar panels can help you save on your monthly electric bills by producing your own energy. In fact, this is probably the most common reason people are interested in solar panels in the first place. On average, you can save around $50 a month on your electric bill and even more in the summer months. How much you will save is variable; it depends on the season, your location, the kind of panels you choose, the placement and tilt of your panels, and your energy consumption. However, Central Texas residents can anticipate [...]

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How to Get Your Home Solar Ready for Summer

Get your home ready for summer by harnessing the abundant Texas sun. With over 220 sunny days on average, particularly during the spring and summer months, now is the ideal time to equip your home with solar panels. Discover how to maximize the energy of the sun and power your home sustainably and lower your energy bill. Deciding on Solar There are more factors to consider in deciding if solar is right for you. To start, you can try our solar calculator to get an estimate of your home’s energy consumption, the appropriate number of panels, and an estimate of the [...]

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Earth Day 2021: Celebrate with Solar Energy

The History of Earth Day Earth Day is known for encouraging collaborative ecological efforts on a global scale. Every year billions of people worldwide gather each April 22nd to pick up trash, mass recycle, and plant trees together. However, Earth Day began in 1970 as a massive demonstration across the United States; 20 million Americans poured into the streets in opposition to industrialization's damaging environmental impacts. At its core, Earth Day inspires us to reflect on our environment's health and take action to improve it. Simple Ways to Celebrate While many in-person Earth Day events are canceled, there are some simple [...]

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Make Power Outages a Thing of the Past

In February 2021, the entire grid of the state of Texas was just four minutes and 37 seconds away from complete collapse. Rolling blackouts that lasted for days in subzero temperatures left many Texans to resort to methods of sheltering and keeping warm that they had never thought they would have to experience. Anything can cause your power to go out. Nearby car accidents. Road construction. It happens all the time. Now, we’re facing more extreme weather than ever and the strain on the electrical grid continues to grow. The best strategy is to already have a plan in place. After all, an [...]

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