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Supporting the communities we live, work and play in.
Supporting the communities we live, work and play in.
Welcome Home.
Welcome Home.

Let’s get back to our roots and give back to what really matters.

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Longhorn Solar Community First Solar Initiative

What’s the Community First Initiative?

“Think globally. Act locally.”


Our vision is to see solar on every rooftop in Texas and to strengthen the social fabric of our communities. 


The Community First Initiative enables us to positively impact the places our employees and customers live in. 

How Do We Support Our Communities?

Longhorn Solar gives back to our Community First neighborhoods in several ways.


Not only does each Community First home get a $500 discount on their solar system, but Longhorn Solar looks for ongoing sponsorship opportunities within the local school system.


Then, for every solar job we sell and install in one of our Community First neighborhoods, we write a $100 check to a school program or classroom our homeowner cares about like:

Giving their favorite teacher money for tools and supplies.

Supporting an athletic booster club.

Supporting the arts.

Supporting an after school STEM program.

Supporting the special needs program.

Giving money to the elementary, middle school or high school PTA.

Giving money to any other non-profit organization that benefits the neighborhood.

-PLUS- We give the homeowner an additional $250.00 toward hosting a block party for their neighbors!  This can be any kind of neighborhood gathering like Movie Night in the Park, Halloween, Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunts, 4th of July Cul-de-Sac Sparkler Party or simply a front porch cookout party.


We launched the Community First Initiative in May of 2018.


With feedback from the neighborhoods we support, it’s been evolving ever since.


Why Did We Create the Community First Initiative?

We love the idea of doing things the way local contractors did in small communities back in the ’70s and ’80s when word of mouth was everything.  A throwback to a time when people bought from someone because they knew it would help Bryan’s wife buy a new camera for her brand new photography business, or help Logan’s family take their annual trip to Colorado.


Contractors weren’t just random companies launching social media campaigns and Google Ads.


They were neighbors down the street, cheering in the stands for the hometown team, buying cakes at the PTA bake sale or sponsoring a table.


We took a look at how we could spend our marketing dollars and decided to go local…more old school.  That just feels right to us.

Which Communities Do We Support?

Pioneer Crossing was the first to join our program and Longhorn Solar was the first official sponsor the Pioneer Crossing Elementary PTA.  What an honor! With 20 installations in that neighborhood, it felt great to be able to give back.


Since then, we’ve added Circle C Ranch in South Austin, Teravista in Round Rock/Georgetown, Siena in Round Rock, La Conterra in Georgetown, Jackson Meadows in Sachse and Remington Ranch in Humble.

How To Become a Community First Neighborhood

We’re actively looking to expand the Community First Program in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio right now!


Please email and we’ll reach out with more details.


We’re actively seeking new communities to partner with in

Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.


For more information about the program and how to become a Community First neighborhood, please email us at