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Supporting the communities we live, work and play in.
Welcome Home.

We’re so proud to introduce the Community First Solar Initiative.

Longhorn Solar Community First Solar Initiative

What is Community First?


Our vision for the Community First Initiative is to build relationships with, and give back to, neighborhoods like yours.


At Longhorn Solar, we’re proud of our local roots.  We’re honoring those roots by selecting and servicing specific neighborhoods that our employees live in or have close ties to, affecting their communities in a positive way.  Because our employees live and work in these communities, we usually have several solar customers among their neighbors and it’s a great place to start giving back.

Why did we create the Community First Solar Initiative?


I think we can all admit the world has become incredibly fast-paced in the last 10 years.  It’s been great in so many ways.  It’s also got us multi-tasking live never before and, despite the efforts or social media, we’re connecting less and less with our neighbors on a personal level.  As contractors we’re experiencing the same thing, and we really want to slow it all down a little bit.


We love the idea of doing things the way local contractors did in small communities back in the ’70s and ’80s when word of mouth was everything.  A throwback to a time when people bought from someone because they knew it would help Bryan’s wife buy a new camera for her brand new photography business, or help Logan’s family take their annual trip to Colorado.  That just feels right to us.


When companies are nothing more than a product and a price, everything becomes a race to the bottom and nobody wants that, us included.  And so here we are, trying something new in an attempt to connect with the communities we serve?

How does Longhorn Solar support communities?


We launched the Community First Initiative in May of 2018, so it’s very much a brand new program.  That means we’re still looking for ideas and feedback.  In our first community, Pioneer Crossing, we just became the very first official sponsor of the Pioneer Crossing Elementary PTA.  They’re excited about that, and so are we.  We have 20 installations in that neighborhood so it feels good to be able to give back.


Since then we’ve added Circle C Ranch in South Austin, Teravista in Round Rock/Georgetown and Twin Creeks in Cedar Park to the Community First family.  We have more communities coming online soon!


Our immediate “Give Back” is this:  For every solar job we sell and install in one of our Community First neighborhoods, we give $250 to a teacher that the homeowner selects to help support their efforts inside their classroom.  Our school systems are severely underfunded all across Texas right now, and this is our way of making sure the classroom is a robust, enriching and exciting place for students across Texas.


Pioneer Crossing Solar Panels
Solar Panels in Teravista
Solar Panels in Twin Creeks



Longhorn Solar created and hosted 4 National Solar Tour events in October, educating folks in and around our Community First Communities about the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy.  Thank you to the 20 homeowners who allowed us to showcase their solar installations as part of the National Solar Tour Events.  You can read all about it on our National Solar Tour Page.


2018 National Solar Tour 2018 Austin

How do I get my community involved in the Community First Solar Initiative?


We’re actively looking to expand the Community First Program in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio right now!


Please email and we’ll reach out to you as soon as we can.