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Earth Day 2021: Celebrate with Solar Energy

Earth Day 2021: Celebrate with Solar Energy

The History of Earth Day

Earth Day is known for encouraging collaborative ecological efforts on a global scale. Every year billions of people worldwide gather each April 22nd to pick up trash, mass recycle, and plant trees together. However, Earth Day began in 1970 as a massive demonstration across the United States; 20 million Americans poured into the streets in opposition to industrialization’s damaging environmental impacts. At its core, Earth Day inspires us to reflect on our environment’s health and take action to improve it.

Simple Ways to Celebrate

While many in-person Earth Day events are canceled, there are some simple things you can do alone or with your family to celebrate and show your appreciation for the earth:

  • Ride your bike or take public transit for the day
  • Plant a tree or native flowers
  • Start a compost
  • Pick up all the litter you come across
  • Challenge yourself not to use electricity

Things To Do in Austin for Earth Day 2021

It wouldn’t be Earth Day without working together; here are some events taking place in the Austin area:

  • Earth Day Festival in Round Rock, with a creek clean-up, vendors, and numerous activities, the free festival at Old Settlers Park is perfect for Earth lovers of all ages.
  • Earth Day Seed Exchange, grab some free seeds, share your own, and plant something with the kids at Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen in Georgetown.
  • Austin Midtown Clean Up, bring your own bag and help pick up trash in the neighborhood off Northcross Drive.
  • Earth Day Celebration at Flow Yoga Anderson, show your admiration for the earth with succulent planting and yoga for all levels. Mats and gardening tools will be supplied.

To have a lasting positive impact on your environment and do your part to keep the planet healthy for future generations, adopt more environmentally conscientious habits into your daily life. For instance, be mindful of water consumption, use a reusable water bottle, and source your home’s energy from renewables like solar panels.