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Give the Gift of Solar this Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Solar this Holiday Season

When we think of big holiday gifts, a new car or expensive jewelry comes to mind. Nowadays, more and more people prefer unique and meaningful gifts. Solar is one of the most unique gifts that keeps on giving. Powered by the sun, your family can save on electricity bills and help the environment. With solar prices dropping, new financing options and tax incentives available, solar may just be the perfect holiday gift to you and your family for years to come!

More importantly, this gift is so big, you never have to worry about falling in the sink to be lost forever.

Zero Down Financing

Did you know that you can now finance your solar panels? Paying for your solar panels is easier than ever before!

Longhorn Solar is proud to partner with Sunlight Financial and Dividend Solar Finance to provide the most cost-effective solar financing solutions on the market. Zero Down solar financing with insanely competitive interest rates help you go cashflow positive from your first day with solar. These financing incentives are another big reason you’re seeing so much solar going up everywhere.

Save on Federal Taxes

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows a 22% deduction of the out-of-pocket cost of your new solar system from your income tax liability for the year you install solar.

This credit reduces the amount that you owe at the end of that year’s taxes, rather than the amount you pay taxes on. In fact, there’s no cap on the value you can deduct! Regardless of the type or size of install, you will get a 22% credit if you complete your install in 2021.

In 2022, this deduction disappears permanently. This is all the more reason to install your system this holiday season! Learn more about what the credit is and how to file here.

Save on Property Taxes and Utilities

The State of Texas has also exempted the value of Solar panel installations from your property tax appraisal (Texas Tax Code Section 11.27). There are also rebates available from many utilities in Texas. We will walk you through these savings to make sure you’re making the most of your panels right out of the gate.

The Panels Pay for Themselves

You can drastically reduce or negate your electricity bill. If your panels are producing an energy surplus, you can get credits on your electricity bill. The electricity meter on your home tracks the electricity you consume and the amount you produce. The number can change depending on your usage, the season, and the amount of sun your panels are getting. But, you’re especially likely to be getting those negative bills in the cooler months when their A/C isn’t running.

Get your solar panels installed now so you can start saving by the spring and summer months!

Power Your EV

Over 35 new models of electric vehicles are hitting the road in 2021. Why not power these cars AND TRUCKS with the power of the sun straight from your roof? With the Solaredge Energyhub, you can take the DC electricity straight from your solar panels into the car. No more gas stations. Ask anyone with an electric vehicle, once you drive an electric car that you will never want to go back to gas again.

We are excited to show you how exciting and affordable the gift of solar can be.

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