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Cut costs with renewable energy, get your FREE quote today with Longhorn Solar - Residential Solar Power Installations in Austin, Dallas & San Antonio, TX.
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Residential Solar

Ready to take a look at solar?

(or a fresh look for some of you).


You’ve come to the right place.

Longhorn Solar’s award-winning team has you covered!

Imagine…opening your electric bill and smiling.


Kinda crazy, right?  Not really.  You could join thousands of solar homeowners who get to experience it every month.


With current local rebates and the federal tax credit, it’s never been more affordable to go solar.


Paying a utility for electricity is a lot like renting a home- the price goes up every year and you end up with nothing to show for all the money you pay.


There’s a better way.


When you go solar, your home becomes a powerplant.  You’re no longer impacted by rising electricity rates and you have something to show for the money you pay every month.


Have questions?  We have the answers!  Download our free Top Solar Questions Guide below or give us a call to get started today.

Energy independence is just a phone call away.

Our energy consultants are knowledgeable and helpful; ready to answer all of your questions.

Does finding a great solar contractor feel overwhelming?


That’s totally understandable.  Finding a contractor can be a challenge.


The good news is that there are several great solar contractors in Texas.


To make sure you’re getting bids from the best, be sure to include this research:


  • What kind of licenses and certifications do they carry?
  • Do they have amazing online reviews from multiple sources?
  • Do they sub-contract out any of their work?
  • What kind of warranty do they carry and what exactly does it cover?
  • Before creating your proposal, do they analyze your energy usage?
  • Will they physically measure your roof and do a shade analysis?
  • Do they have a performance guarantee based on the proposal you’re given?
Longhorn Solar

This installation went in as part of the build,

helping offset the owner’s electric usage from Day 1.

Think solar is too expensive? Think again.


Solar Panel prices have dropped over 80% since 2010!

Get ready to kiss your electric bill goodbye!  It’s gonna blow your mind how much you can save.

Paying cash is always a good option.  We’ll also show you how zero-down instant financing is allowing people just like you to swap their ever-increasing electric bill for a flat monthly solar payment!  Either way, you get to own the system (which adds to your equity) and your electric payments are fixed forever!  No more price hikes!

Collectively, our customers have saved more than $5.7M off their utility bills so far.  You should get in on some of that.

Curious to see what others have saved?  Check out our Real Solar Savings case study to see actual bills from actual Longhorn Solar customers who went solar and never looked back.

House with solar array in Dallas, Texas

This solar array up in the DFW area is offsetting

100% of this customers electric bill…forever.

So…why should you choose Longhorn Solar?

25 year warrenty

Our 25-Year Warranty is unmatched.

Simply put, Longhorn Solar offers the strongest, most customer-friendly warranty in the solar industry.

When you pair our warranty with our 20-Year Performance Guarantee, you end up with the highest level of accountability and customer service in the industry.

Don’t take our word for it.  Check out our testimonials.


20 year performance guarantee badge

Our Performance Guarantee rocks too.

Going solar is a great investment.  In your proposal, you will see exactly how much energy your solar PV system will produce.  The surest way to protect your investment, is to partner with a contractor who will stand behind these projections.

Our 20-Year Performance Guarantee does just that.

Ask your Energy Consultant about it when you call.

We have twice as many positive online reviews as any other

solar company in Texas.

Longhorn Solar wants the chance to win your business

and give you a 5-Star Solar Installation Experience!


In every site assessment, proposal and installation, we aim for a 5-Star Solar Installation Experience.

Our Team has the most combined solar installation experience in Texas:


 Management Team- 50+ years in solar  |  Sales Team-  15+ years in solar  |  Installation Team- 35+ years in solar



What does that mean for you?


It means that the entire process is turn-key, your investment is in good hands and everything is installed quickly and safely.


We have the fastest installation times in Texas.


Our energy consultants are knowledgeable and helpful; ready to answer all of your questions.

In fact, they’re crazy about solar and love sharing their knowledge.



As part of our 5-Star Customer Experience, we won’t over-sell you.

We create installations that look fantastic, sized perfectly for your energy consumption

while maximizing available tax credits and local rebates.


Our pricing is competitive and our work is outstanding.


Call us at 512.837.4800 to get started or click the button below to reach out online.