Texas is a sunny, hot state that is quickly rising in the ranks to become #1 in solar. Homeowners are now actively seeking out new homes with solar panels and paying more for energy-independent homes. While installing solar panels for homes at the building phase is a relatively new practice, it has many benefits for the builder and future homeowners. 

Work with Longhorn Solar for your new construction projects and rest easy knowing we use the best products in the industry and have been installing high output PV systems since 2009.

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Longhorn Solar works closely with home builders across Texas:

Whisper Valley, including:
  Thurman Homes – Michael Thurman Owner/Builder (512) 925-4647
  AHA Homes – Fred Herrejon Owner/Builder (512) 228-1236
  Castlerock Homes
Midcentury Homes – Kayla Paschall (432) 230-0166
Reshetar Homes – Robin Reshetar Owner/Builder (512) 774-8100
Younger Homes – Jesse Younger Owner/Operator (281) 615-6556
Preston Homes – Mandee Poling Owner/ Builder (512) 785-7270
LBR Homes – Brad Whitman Owner/Builder (979) 393-8843
Tipler Homes (Houston) – Arantxa Villaplana (281) 630-0322
Generational Homes (Houston) – Main Number (713) 458-7287
Goldstein Group (Houston) – Daniel Okorie Builder (832) 380-4541
Walker Engineering – Main Number (512) 467-7333
Michaux Watts Builders – Mike Michaux Owner/Builder (512) 970-9002


Streamlined Process

Installing PV systems at this stage is even easier than putting them on a completed house. The system design not only integrates beautifully with the home design, but it also can save you money by planning for solar from the beginning.

Increased Home Value

A home with a new, high-performing solar system is an attractive upgrade for buyers in today’s market. Potential buyers will love the benefit of reduced (or negative) energy bills and will be willing to pay more for a home that offers sustainable, reliable energy.

Perfect Timing

Solar panel systems used to cost more than they were worth but solar technology has now reached a point where long-lasting systems supply energy outputs that make solar energy a net positive for residential and commercial buyers. Plus, there are incentive programs and tax credits that offset the cost of solar panels.

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*Builders & New Construction Only*

If you are interested in installing solar panels on your next home construction project, contact our builder representative by completing the form. All general inquiries for Longhorn Solar should go through our Get a Free Quote Form.

Note: Longhorn Solar will do prewires after your electrician is finished and before the walls close up. We schedule 2 weeks out. The sooner you let us know when you need us at your location, the better likelihood we can arrive on your desired date.