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Zero Power Loss and Solar Panels

“Using -0/+3, -0/+5% zero loss solar panels may cost a little bit more, but the guaranteed solar power production is worth it because the more solar kWh’s that are delivered per year the faster return-on-investment will be!”

Looking for the best solar panels that offer the highest efficiency, deliver zero power loss and provide guaranteed solar power production?  You have come to the right place. The most important component of the solar power array is the solar panels.  Longhorn Solar knows that customers want the best solar panels they can get for the lowest price possible.

Longhorn Solar Offers Solar Panels with Maximum Solar Power Production

The single most important way to analyze solar panels is to examine how much solar power they will produce. Longhorn Solar installs only leading edge solar panels that typically deliver 3% to 5% more power production that their name plate rating.   Our solar panels deliver so much power that we have to over engineer our solar power inverters to handle the extra solar power production.   More solar power production means that our customers net metering systems spin backwards much faster than solar power systems installed by the competition.

Longhorn Solar Installs only Zero Power Loss Solar Panels

When evaluating solar panels, customers need to double check the PTC rating of the solar panels that the solar installation company plans to install.  Many solar installation companies have not been in business long and are misled by solar manufacturing companies that offer panels that promise a power tolerance level of -3/+3, -5/+5, -10/+10.  This is a typical marketing strategy practiced by Chinese no-name solar panel brands that sell much cheaper solar panels than the higher zero loss solar panels.

Require Electrical Engineering Expertise

If your solar installation company is using any solar panels with a negative power loss, it simply means that they do not understand solar or electrical engineering. And if they do not understand this one simple concept they probably do not have their wiring gauge sized correctly and their solar power inverter will be engineered to burn up because there is too much power that being pushed through an inverter that is too small to handle the energy load. It should also be noted that anytime a solar array over produces, that solar electricity will be wasted because the inverter will clip the solar energy production at the limit of the inverter and will not be able to deliver that electricity to the home or building.

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Negative Power Loss Panels Under Produce and Slow Down Return on Investment

Companies that install cheaper lower priced panels forget to mention that the negative power loss rating means that their panels will lose 3% to 10% of their power production because the silicon solar cells used in their panels are substandard. This may not seem like much, but a solar panel with a 10% power loss will turn a 240-watt solar into a 216-watt. Multiply that times 20 to thirty solar panels and it makes a big difference in the actual solar power production that will be delivered over the 25-year life cycle of the solar panels. Never use solar panels with a negative power loss tolerance.

Don’t Pay for a Solar System that will Lose Money

This may not seem very important, but let us do the math. A 100-kilowatt solar power array engineered with -5% power tolerance will under produce by 5%. In Texas, a typical solar power array will produce around 1,400 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. Thus a 100-kW system will produce 140,000 kWh per year, which means a -5% power loss solar panel system will lose 7,000 kWh per year times its 25-year life cycle.

That means that over its lifetime the solar power array would lose 140,000 kWh times $0.10 cents per kWh on regular demand periods and $0.14 cents per kWh during summertime on-peak demand cycles. Most people will never realize that their solar system was engineered to lose $17,500.

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