Solar Panel Warranties & GuaranteesServing Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas / Fort Worth TX

Our 25 Year Workmanship Warranty combined with our 25 Year Performance Guarantee give you an unmatched level of accountability and customer service. Simply put, Longhorn Solar offers the strongest, most customer-friendly solar panel warranty in the industry.

solar panel warranty 25 years workmanship

Workmanship Warranty

We make every effort to ensure our solar panels are 100% right when installed, but if there is any issue with the system – we’ll take care of it – repair or replace. You can rest easy knowing all labor is covered by our robust, 25-year workmanship warranty, which is 10 years longer than the average solar installation warranty. 

solar panel warranty 25 years performance guarantee

Performance Guarantee

In our detailed proposal, we’ll show you exactly how much energy your solar PV system will produce (and how much money it will save you). Over the course of our 25-year performance guarantee period, we perform system checks every six months to make sure your PV system is performing up to our projections. If it is not performing how we promised, we pay the difference in your bill.

Superior Products for Superior Solar

Giving you the best-performing solar energy system starts with using the highest quality products in the industry. We choose brands that have the most robust warranties and guarantees so you can feel confident in your system. 

REC Solar Panels
Q CELLS Solar Panels
Solar Edge Solar Inverter
SMA Solar Inverter
Unirac Solar Roof Mount