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Installing solar panels used to be seen as a luxury that didn’t add much value to the home, but thanks to lowered production costs and increased demand, making the solar switch makes more financial sense than ever before. Solar panels for your home now produce more for longer, paying for themselves, and significantly increase the value of your home for decades to come. And even more enticing, there are several solar panel financing options available.


Zero Down solar financing with insanely competitive interest rates are the reason you’re seeing so much solar going up everywhere. You can get instantly approved by going through a quick and easy application process. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of green energy through an affordable solar system!

Solar  Financing  for Homeowners

New financing options have opened the door to virtually every homeowner. Find the best interest rates, loan options and rebates so you can make the most of a solar switch.

This type of loan allows you to borrow against the equity of your home and is also known as a home equity installment loan or second mortgage. Fixed-rate home equity loans provide one lump sum.

These credit lines are secured by your home. While you can find some HELCOs with fixed rates, typically they have variable rates.

Loans for solar vary in terms and requirements and can offer low-interest rates.

City, state and federal tax incentives and rebates can significantly lower the cost of your solar system. Learn more about our tax incentives and rebates.


Longhorn Solar is proud to partner with Dividend Solar Finance and Sunlight Finance to provide the most cost-effective solar financing solutions on the market. Zero Down solar financing with insanely competitive interest rates helps you go cash flow positive from your first day with solar. Contact our team to discuss options in more detail!

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Average Interest Rate .49%-4.99%

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