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Our customers love their solar systems!

Longhorn Solar has an average 4.8 star rating across all social review sites.


We aim for a 5-Star customer experience with every installation.

We have watched, for the past 2 years, as Longhorn Solar has transformed our Southwest Austin neighborhood into a micro-power plant. It seems like once a month we drive home and see another house has gone solar. Their crews seem to finish every house in 1 day and all that remains is the ubiquitous Longhorn sign in the yard letting us know that yes, it was in fact, another homeowner who chose Longhorn Solar…

S. D. – Austin, TX – facebook review

Longhorn Solar did an amazing job from start to finish…

The entire system was completed in one day and my very first bill with solar was .77 cents!

K. C. –  Austin, Texas – facebook review

In the end, Longhorn was the clear choice. The ONLY rep from all the companies to answer every challenging question with a factual, educated, nuanced answer (his response time was almost immediate every single time while other companies had no answer or made us wait a week for a response)… The whole Longhorn team went the extra step…

They don’t just sell at Longhorn. They educate, consult, sell, do all the heaving lifting,

do all the permits, and continue to reach out to you after the sale.

F. B. – Austin, Texas –

Usually, I expect to never hear from a company again, once they get their money and go.  Not Longhorn Solar.  Not only was the installation done professionally, on time, and on budget (with appropriate rebates and tax credits), but the process has been remarkably easy. In addition, follow-up has been spectacular, crunching the numbers with data from my bills, usage and electricity rate structures, to get the best possible delivery and buyback plan going forward…

I can recommend Longhorn Solar without reservation.

J. L. – Georgetown, Texas – google review

Folks, this is about as good as it gets… Longhorn was very responsive to my needs and helped me find the right configuration considering the amount I was willing to spend. All of the personnel I dealt with at Longhorn kept the process simple, provided excellent follow-up throughout, paid attention to detail, demonstrated competency and knowledge, and were very professional in my opinion.

G. H. – Pflugerville, Texas –

We had researched several local Austin solar installers before deciding on Longhorn.

I’m glad we did, because everything went extremely smooth and their prices just can’t be beat.  Our account manager was available throughout the entire process and continues to check in on us months past our installation.

J. M. – Austin, Texas –

Longhorn Solar installed panels for me two and a half years ago. They called me last month to follow up and see how the system was working. I mentioned that the I couldn’t access the system information about output versus usage on the website. They came out and fixed the issue. These guys do a great job, and I’ll be using them again on my next house.

M. E. – Austin, Texas – google review

I ordered my system on December 18.  It was running on December 31.  The entire process was smooth, professional, and correct.  Longhorn was also quite effective in matching a system to my wish list.  On my prior house I had solar installed in late 2014.  I learned a lot from installing and owning solar.

There is no comparison…

F. S. – Leander, Texas – google review

My experience with Longhorn Solar was excellent. Before providing a quote, they measured my roof, did a shading analysis, and accurately assessed my annual electric usage. From there, they put together a comprehensive proposal that was more detailed (and believable) than any of the other quotes I received. No other company got on my roof or accurately determined what size system I would need based on my usage patterns.

I’m only six months in, but so far production has exceeded their projections.

I thoroughly recommend this company to anyone considering solar.

A. H. – Austin, Texas – google review

One year later.  Best solar installers that you can trust. Easy to work with. Cared about you and your vision before sale and after sale. I’d recommend Longhorn Solar to anyone considering solar for their home.

V. D. – Leander, Texas – facebook review

Everything we were told, came true. Installation was quick and painless…heck we were out for the day and returned to a completed Solar PV install on our house!! Pretty talented group of installers at Longhorn. The installers are all Longhorn employees rather than a crew sub contracted by Longhorn (the competition subbed out the work and this was a big deal for us). All in all, very glad we went solar!

K.G. – Austin, Texas –

I know there are nearly a thousand choices in Austin now for solar. Longhorn was one of the first to open up shop and are clearly still on top of their game after all the years they have been in business.

I have no doubt this company will grow and continue to serve Central Texas for many many years to come.

Longhorn Solar installed a pretty big system on our roof several months ago, and wow, has it ever made a difference in our electric bills. I show off my bills (sometimes they are just statements from Austin Energy showing me a credit that gets rolled over to the next month) to friends and they are all jealous. I financed and was able to get the entire system put up for no money out of pocket!

A. – Austin, Texas –

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