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Texans Prepare for Extreme Heat with Solar + Battery Backup

It’s not your imagination: It’s really hot out there. Texans are experiencing a heat wave the likes of which we haven’t seen since, believe it or not – ever. Not surprisingly, we are not alone, as the entire country and especially the Southwest is in the grips of dangerously hot conditions. Whether or not you already have solar panels on your roof, the question is, how can you prepare for the worst? First, the weather stats May 2024 was earth’s 12th hottest month in a row, making 2024 the hottest on record since records were first recorded in 1850, according to [...]

Texans Prepare for Extreme Heat with Solar + Battery Backup2024-06-11T21:54:53+00:00

Tesla’s VPP Pays Texans for Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition

If you’ve been frustrated by the number of utility texts and emails you receive every time the mercury spikes, there’s a solution: the Tesla Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Tesla’s VPP program gives energy consumers in deregulated areas in Texas the opportunity to help stabilize the grid. And for the first time, Texas consumers get paid  for accelerating the transition of the ERCOT power grid to renewable energy. So, what’s a Virtual Power Plant?  In a nutshell, a Virtual Power Plant is a network of decentralized energy resources, seamlessly connected to form a unified, intelligent energy ecosystem. In this case, the Tesla [...]

Tesla’s VPP Pays Texans for Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition2024-05-14T18:43:35+00:00

Green Mortgages: Financing Solar for New Homes

Did you know solar panels can be included in a new home loan in Texas? Here’s how. New homes today are often built from the ground up to be more energy efficient, particularly those that are ENERGY-STAR certified. With the addition of solar on a new home, homeowners can eliminate their electric bill altogether while doing their part to reduce carbon emissions associated with conventional energy sources.  Builders who offer solar panels as an option on a new home are on the leading edge of a nationwide trend to build net-zero homes. Net zero homes are just like any other home—except [...]

Green Mortgages: Financing Solar for New Homes2024-03-26T21:48:29+00:00

Seven Myths About Residential Solar: Separating Fact from Fiction

Texans are increasingly choosing to go solar as a way to both reduce electricity costs and protect their homes from grid instability. A residential solar system is a great way to hedge against rising utility bills, and when paired with battery backup can provide energy independence during our hot Texas summers and increasingly unpredictable winters.  But despite the growing popularity of solar, several myths and misconceptions persist. In this blog, we aim to debunk some of these common myths and shed some light on the truth behind residential solar energy. Myth #1: Solar Panels Are Only for Green Consumers One pervasive [...]

Seven Myths About Residential Solar: Separating Fact from Fiction2024-03-13T19:04:15+00:00

VIDEO: Solar FAQs for Homebuilders in Texas

Homebuilders have a lot on their plate. Why should they add solar to the list? If you've been considering adding a solar option to your home designs, you may have questions. Meet Juan Facundo, manager of our homebuilders program at Longhorn Solar. Juan has years of experience in construction and solar and can answer any question you have. In this educational video, he answers three of the top questions for homebuilders in Texas: Why should builders include solar in their new homes in Texas? What is the solar installation process like for homebuilders? Why choose Longhorn as your solar partner? [...]

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Solar Delivers for Young Family in Austin

Making the Solar Decision When Danny T. began looking into going solar, he had a good example to follow. Danny’s father had hired Longhorn Solar to install solar on their family home years ago. Danny knew that the system had delivered substantial savings for his family as well as environmental benefits for the community. Now that he was married, with a house of his own in Austin, Texas, he was interested in learning more about solar. Danny did his homework. He researched solar technology and reached out to several installation companies, including Longhorn. He was about to pull the trigger on [...]

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What to Know about Solar before Hail Season Hits

Springtime in Texas means two things: bluebonnets and hail storms. While the state flower of Texas is a welcome sight in Central Texas, spring hail often wreaks havoc on our homes. Fortunately, most solar panels are built to withstand hailstorms, but roofs are not always as tough. (We’ll walk you through the steps of solar inspection after a storm later in this post.) When Does Hail Hit in Texas? Hail season spans from March to June in Central Texas, with peak activity in April and May. Through a phenomenon known as “updrafts,” high winds during a severe thunderstorm can carry rain [...]

What to Know about Solar before Hail Season Hits2024-02-16T16:30:40+00:00

How Referrals Pay Extra Dividends for Solar

Positive word of mouth and referrals are highly influential in the solar buying decision. And they pay extra dividends for Longhorn Solar customers. Remember that new restaurant you couldn’t stop telling people about? Or the new car you bought on the recommendation of your car buff friend? Word of mouth is crucial for many buying decisions. In fact, 74% of consumers say word of mouth is a key influence in their purchase decisions. For many small businesses, positive word of mouth is a key part of their marketing strategy. As a Texas-owned and operated business, Longhorn Solar is highly dependent on [...]

How Referrals Pay Extra Dividends for Solar2024-01-30T19:36:19+00:00

Preventing Texas Winter Power Outages with Battery Backup

In Texas, where winter (and summer) power outages are becoming increasingly common, many Longhorn customers are installing battery storage to protect their home from weather-related grid events. Installing a battery backup system with a solar power system allows homes and businesses to store excess clean energy generated during the day for use at night or during a power outage.  Texans had a wakeup call about the unreliability of our electricity grid during the winter of 2021, when power outages across the state were responsible for hundreds of deaths. It became clear that the state’s standalone electricity grid needed major upgrades.  While [...]

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A Guide to Going Solar in Austin

Food, music, sustainability — Austin, Texas is the perfect place for solar. That's why we've put together a guide on going solar for Austinites just like you. Read along and we'll walk through the process of putting solar panels on your home or business. Step 1. Determine if your home or business is right for solar. There are a few indicators that can help you decide if your property is right for solar. Does your home or business have a lot of exposed sun and is the roof in good condition? Is it relatively free from roof obstructions or trees? Does [...]

A Guide to Going Solar in Austin2024-01-30T19:41:15+00:00
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