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The QCELLS Q.HOME CORE H3S/H7S energy storage solution offers scalable storage capacity from 10 kWh up to 20 kWh and comes in a modular design for easy and fast installation. In the event of a grid outage, the system is capable of utilizing 100% of the inverter’s power rating to back up the chosen loads of your home. Remote monitoring using the Q.HOME web portal or Q.HOME ESS mobile app is included.



• Up to 200A Whole Home Backup. • Integrated Revenue Grade Metering for increased system monitoring accuracy. • Indoor or outdoor approved installation for maximum design flexibility with NEMA 4X enclosures. • Can be paired with Qcells modules for an ideal home solution (DC-coupled) or retrofitted for existing solar installations (AC-coupled) • Parallel stacking so you scale the system to the size your home needs. • Available in 2 power classes of inverter: 3.8 and 7.6 kW.

General Product Information

Peace of Mind

One Brand. One Warrantor. Backed by Qcells’ inclusive 10-year product warranty on all Q.HOME CORE components with best-in-class customer support.

Smart Design and Scalable Solutions

Parallel stacking so you can scale the system to the size your home needs.

Simplified Installation and Commissioning

Smart commissioning via a web browser or mobile app, and remote diagnostics for issue resolution.

Compact Design and Sleek Appeal

Save floor space with a single battery and inverter integrated into one tower with a modern, very thin profile.

Safety and Reliability

Integrated module-level rapid shutdown solution.

Ideal Complete Solution to Fit Your Lifestyle

Q.VOLT, Q.SAVE and Q.HOME HUB pair perfectly with Qcells’ #1 residential solar panels* for a full suite of clean energy solutions for any home.

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