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Since 2009, Longhorn Solar has completed over 2,300 solar panel installations in Central Texas, including Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. We’re certified to install the industry’s most trusted brands to create the highest-performing systems, saving our customers over $14.2 million. And we can’t wait to help you make the solar switch!

texas commercial and residential solar panels

Solar Panels for Your Home

If you live in Central Texas and are considering home solar panels – you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced, friendly staff is here to help educate you on the solar process (with no pressure!) and make sure you have the best experience possible.

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Commercial Solar
For Small Business

Small companies can save money with solar. If your company’s electric bill averages $200 to $3,000 per month, we’ll show you how easy we make the solar switch process.

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Solar Power Backup Battery
Be ready for any Texas weather

When the grid fails, a battery backup for your home or business means you’ll have a source of power to carry you until the lights come back on.

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Solar for New Construction
How builders can benefit

Installing a PV system during the building process is easier than ever and integrates seamlessly with the new home design – and better yet, it boosts your new build’s value.

Superior Products for Superior Solar

Giving you the best-performing solar energy system starts with using the highest quality products in the industry. We choose brands that have the most robust warranties and guarantees so you can feel confident in your system. 

REC Solar Panels
Q CELLS Solar Panels
Solar Edge Solar Inverter
SMA Solar Inverter
Unirac Solar Roof Mount

See if solar is right for you.