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Why Go Solar for Your Home or Business?Serving Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas / Fort Worth TX

Texas is number one in a lot of things, like barbecue, rodeos and friendliness. But Texas is also one of the nation’s best solar states, meaning there are a lot of homes in Texas producing a lot of clean energy. Precisely, there were 1,082,407 Texas homes producing a combined 9,311 megawatts of power in the first quarter of 2021. And, while Texas is currently #2 in solar, we’re poised to cinch the spot of leading the nation in solar.



Texas has, on average, one whole extra month of sunshine compared to the majority of the US. Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio average between 220-230 sunny days each year. The state’s sunny disposition makes it an ideal location to leverage solar power. By capturing the energy from the prolific Texas sun with solar, your home can create free, clean energy over 200 days out of the year.


The population of Texas is enormous — over 29 million people reside in our great state. Lots of people mean lots of homes, and many of those homes have clean energy supporters. In a poll by the Texas Tribune in 2016, the organization found that 85% of Texans support clean energy and its expansion in Texas. And, in the same year, the Wall Street Journal declared Texas the nation’s pioneer in renewables, noting the state’s surge in solar has been unprecedented.


At the core of the Texas spirit is love for our freedom and independence. By creating energy with solar panels, you can reduce your reliance on energy companies and make own your energy. You will no longer rely on the grid to supply your home with energy throughout the year. What’s more, solar energy is free. You’ll save on your utilities every month while becoming more self-sustainable.

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Improved Solar Panel Technology

Solar energy is falling in price! Advancements to solar panels in recent years means panels are more efficient and homeowners need fewer panels to generate enough electricity for their homes than before. If you haven’t checked solar pricing recently, take another look!


Home solar systems are now a big selling point for homeowners. These long-lasting systems with strong warranties can increase home value by 4.1%.


There are numerous tax credits and rebates available for solar buyers in Texas on the federal and local levels.


We offer the strongest, most customer-friendly warranties in the solar industry.

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Not only has the cost of solar decreased, but financing options have opened the door to virtually every homeowner. Now just about everyone can enjoy the benefits of solar! Learn more about our zero-down financing so you can start saving right away.