Worried about losing power during unpredictable Texas weather? Recent winter storms have taught Texans that it’s best to be prepared! A backup battery ensures near-seamless power when the power goes down. It comes on automatically – whether you’re there or not. And it all happens within seconds of losing power.

By adding a backup battery to your system, you can take advantage of stored energy to power you through grid outages, and you can even rely on your backup battery during high energy rate hours. Learn more about our trusted products – Tesla Powerwall & LG RESU10h & 16h. 

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Tesla Powerwall

Experience complete energy independence and avoid disruptions to your power supply with the latest from Tesla. With remote monitoring, sleek design, easy installation and a 10-year warranty, this product has everything you can ask for in a backup battery.

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LG Resu Solar Battery Backup

LG RESU 10h & 16h

These weather-rated, low-profile units from LG provide flexibility in both mounting and scalability of power. Monitor your usage remotely and rely on LG’s 10-year warranty for a complete battery backup solution.

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