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A backup battery ensures near-seamless power when the power goes down. It comes on automatically – whether you’re there or not. But the advantages aren’t limited to backup power. An energy storage system can also help you avoid high seasonal energy costs and reduce your reliance on the grid. Learn more about our trusted products – Tesla Powerwall, LG ESS Home 8 and QCELLS Q.HOME CORE energy storage solutions.

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Tesla Powerwall

Experience complete energy independence and avoid disruptions to your power supply with the latest from Tesla. With remote monitoring, sleek design, easy installation and a 10-year warranty, this product has everything you can ask for in a backup battery.

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The QCELLS Q.HOME CORE H3S/H7S energy storage solution offers scalable storage capacity from 10 kWh up to 20 kWh and comes in a modular design for easy and fast installation. In the event of a grid outage, the system is capable of utilizing 100% of the inverter’s power rating to back up the chosen loads of your home. Remote monitoring using the Q.HOME web portal or Q.HOME ESS mobile app is included.

LG Resu Solar Battery Backup

LG Electronics Home 8 Energy Storage System (ESS)

With trusted, innovative technology, and more than six decades in consumer electronics, LG now offers a more reliable and sustainable power alternative that will perform when homeowners need it most.

Introducing LG Electronics Home 8 Energy Storage System (ESS), an energy generation and storage solution that reduces your dependency on the electrical grid and can offset peak shifts–making your home even more valuable–environmentally and economically.

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