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Apple to Invest in Solar Energy

Solar Energy Apples grow on trees, right? Sunshine helps them grow, and we enjoy them as a major part of our diets in America. Besides apples being known as food, the word “Apple” is also chiefly known as the name of a company producing the smart devices millions use daily to call and text one another, as well as surf the net, watch videos, and more. And like food apples use sunshine, so does Apple the company.

Solar power is gaining traction in America, as Apple– you know, the company which sells iPhones and iPads and Macs– plans to convert a factory in Arizona into a “global command data center” that will be almost entirely powered by solar power. The $2 billion investment in this 1.3 million square-foot facility illustrates that solar power has “arrived” on the scene.

The Arizona factory is set to employ some 150 people after 500 workers construct it over the next ten years.

Most of the factory’s power will come from a 70 MW solar PV plant to be built nearby. Apple is excited to announce that their chief data hub will be powered by 100% renewable energy.

Among IT companies, Apple is leading the way with utilizing solar power and other renewable energy sources to power its buildings. The company currently owns three large-scale solar farms in the U.S., with more on the way, including a 17.5 MW plant in North Carolina.

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