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Gexa Energy

Solar power from Longhorn Solar is continuing to become one of the most popular ways to convert energy into electricity. Texas summers are known for excessive heat, long hours and increased energy use which require innovative and eco-friendly solutions. Longhorn Solar has established a reputation as a quality source for renewable energy installations in Texas. They’ll assess homes and business with a free quote and provide quality and reliable installation. People who combine Longhorn and Gexa Energy end up with Houston solar power home systems saving them money on utility bills and having a positive effect on the environment around them.

GexaEnergy is committed to making the switch to their company the easiest and most affordable option available. They work with small, midsize and large businesses in Texas to help lower their operating costs. Businesses can fix an electricity rate to allow for budget certainty and peace of mind. Gexa is located in Houston and is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc., one of the nation’s leading clean energy providers. Check out their competitive rates on their website along with full company profile and online customer service.

For Houston residents, taking advantage of a winning combination of solar power installations and clean energy will drastically reduce utility costs. Create a greener future with Longhorn Solar by making the switch today. Click here to contact us or call 512-837-4800 today!