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Projecting Solar Energy from Space back to Earth

It might sound completely absurd, but we’re serious. The idea of collection solar energy from space has been bouncing around since the 1960’s but it wasn’t until recently that a few big players began to explore the plausibility of it all.

According to an article from, the increased affordability of solar paneling over the last two years is what has caused countries such as the U.S., Japan and Europe to believe that this concept might not be the gazillion dollar project they had once believed it to be. In fact, the cost could turn out to be fairly reasonable. But then, how will this work?

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Explained again by, “large pieces of a space-solar-power station would be shot from a launch site on Earth into space. Once in orbit, they’d be assembled into facilities that likely would be miles wide… Freed from terrestrial limitations of clouds, bad weather and nighttime darkness, the spacecraft would harvest sunlight essentially 24 hours a day. They’d send the electricity they produced back to Earth either as microwaves or as laser beams.” This electricity will then be caught in these huge antennas and fed into the grid.

Again, we recognize that this sounds crazy but according to a 2011 report form the International Academy of Astronautics, this is completely logical. In fact, at a scale size, space solar power could be working within 20 odd years if the money was available to make it happen.

Just another proven case that when it comes to discovering alternative ways to make advancements in solar energy, the sky’s the limit… or outer space is the limit – whatever.