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Oncor Introduces their New Rebate Program for
Residential & Commercial Energy Customers

SPVSOP, or the “Solar Photovoltaic Standard Offer Program” is the rebate program recently rolled out by the energy provider Oncor of Dallas, Texas.

The rebate program is for both residents and businesses that are currently receiving energy from Oncor as a main provider. Oncor’s rebate offers financial incentives for eligible solar energy PV generating equipment, i.e. solar panel installation by companies such as Longhorn Solar.


The requirements for rebate eligibility are as follows:

• You must of course, be served by Oncor’s energy distribution network. This is easy to determine—simply look at your electric service meter! It will have the Oncor logo right on it.

• Your UL-certified Solar PV system must be new; this rebate does not apply to systems installed previously, or to used equipment.

• Solar array azimuth must be within 90° (Due East) and 270° (Due West) of South and the angle of tilt needs to be between 0 (horizontal) and latitude plus 15 degrees.

• Service providers that are eligible to participate:

• Electrical Contractor or Master Electrician, licensed with the Texas Department of License and Regulation (TDLR).
• Incentives:

• Commercial $538.79/kW AC and $0.41/kWh AC

• Residential $538.79/kW AC and $0.53/kWh AC

• Minimum and maximum system requirements

• Residential: 1 kW DC minimum and 10 kWDC maximum

• Commercial: 1 kWDC minimum and 20% of $7.7 million commercial budget or 75% of Peak Demand, whichever is less

For more information on this program and others, Call Longhorn Solar today. Our talented team of solar panel installers can assist you in receiving the best rebates possible to make your business or home energy services the most affordable as possible. Click here for more information on Oncor.