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The Revolution of Solar Power [Infographic]

The technology surrounding solar power is constantly growing and improving especially in the way that it impacts society. Developments in solar power technology may soon be an applauded, main source of energy industrially, commercially and residentially. They could possibly even modernize the way we do most things – including travel, communication and global care over the next ten years.

Because the benefits are so vast with solar power and the opportunities for advancements are endless, the future is bright for this source of energy. Over time, it has proven to be extremely cost-effective when compared to other forms of energy and because more solar power plants continue to open, there are more endeavoring projects in the works. Some technological advancements that could be seen in the future due to solar power are a Hyperloop, Solar Impulse, Project Loon, Online Electrical Vehicles and a MS Turanor PlanetSolar – all highly progressive innovations.

Read more about them in the infographic below:

The Future of Solar Power

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