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The Best Way to Charge Electric Vehicles

The Best Way to Charge Electric Vehicles

 Electric Vehicles, or EVs, are rapidly shifting global car-buying habits. Year after year, EV purchases increase by around 40%, albeit at higher rates in countries like China and the Netherlands than in the US. Nevertheless, Americans love their EVs, Tesla being the most favored and coveted brand. 

But how are you charging that electric car – with traditional energy sources like electricity from fossil fuels? We propose a cleaner and greener option, the best way to charge an EV: solar panels. 


EV Charging Stations

You don’t need to own an EV to know that charging stations can be hard to find, especially for people outside cities. For many Americans, utilizing a charging station is not even an option. Due to their elusive nature, EV charging stations are generally not the best way to charge up. 

Despite being convenient, most EV charging stations source their energy from local power grids. This means most of the energy used at public EV charging stations comes from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels. While you may be eliminating some of your carbon emissions with an electric car, your car is not as clean as you think. Charging up with electricity created by burning fossil fuels indirectly contributes to your carbon footprint. 


Charging Your Car at Home

Most EV owners charge their car at home. It’s accessible, but it is slow. And, according to EV experts, you don’t want to charge quickly as it diminishes the life of your battery. Moreover, while charging at night when you sleep seems like a no-brainer, overcharging your EV can also negatively impact the battery. 

 What’s more, like public EV charging stations, the energy is sourced from your local power grid. While some locales do utilize renewable energy sources, none in the US utilize entirely renewables. You will be using more energy in your household and, while your car emissions plummet, your at-home carbon footprint grows larger. 


Solar Panels Complete Your Electric Vehicle 

What’s the best way to charge your electric vehicle? With solar energy. Outfitting your home with solar panels is the most effective way to reduce your personal carbon emissions, especially if you own an electric car – they make a perfect pair. 

With solar panels, your home will produce its own energy with sunlight, powering your home and even your car. What’s more, you own this energy; the panels cost, but the energy they create is free. Some energy companies even provide buyback plans for solar consumers who generate more energy than they consume. 

Charging your car with solar energy means your EV will be truly green. If you want to help the environment by significantly reducing your carbon emissions, pairing your EV with solar panels will achieve just that. Contact us today for more information on what solar panels can do for you.